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About Us

In March 2020 the UK went into lockdown.

In Derby, a community of business owners and charity professionals were talking about how they could support each other to survive. Tracy Harrison, the CEO from Safe and Sound Group, said "we need a way to swap with each other“.

In March 2020 the UK went into lockdown The UK Swap Shop saves the day Brought to you by think3, AskTheChameleon and HUUB

Rachel Hayward from tender-writing consultancy Ask the Chameleon was on the call. Inspired, and building the beginnings of a great idea, Rachel quickly reached out to others in the Derby business community.

This includes the founder, owner and CEO of the internationally recognised, Derby-based sports apparel brand Huub and think3, a creative and design agency led by four talented entrepreneurs-in- the-making who have been busy designing and building digital marketing, brand and websites since early 2019.

A platform built in under 2 weeks

Derby Swap Shop was built in just under 2 weeks, the platform exploded onto the small business and charity scene, enabling businesses and charities to swap skills and services.

In 6 months, it attracted 300 members, over 90 swaps, and duplicated itself for Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. And, well, we wanted to reach other parts of the UK that our present swap shops couldn’t reach…

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Our Concept

The Swap Shop is simple. An individual, business or charity is looking for something business related. In return they will provide a swap offering services or goods in return.

The key is finding the right match.

There will be someone out there who can swap with you, opening up endless possibilities of networking, making new connections and joining in with the brilliant small business and charity community spirit.

Not sure if you match exactly, then why not make them an offer?

Simply create your account, post your swaps, share on social media, and keep checking your inbox for your perfect match*

(*we nearly called it tinder for business…maybe next time?!)

…everyone needs a bit of swapping in their lives…

- Dean, Gaz, Grant, Lee & Rachel x